Mystic Valley Gun Club is a private club that is accepting new members with sponsorship from an existing member in good standing.

New Membership orientation and qualification takes place on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm except in July and August. Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early for paperwork. Anyone arriving after orientation begins will not be admitted. The orientation section of will cover club and range rules. You will be expected to shoot both a semiautomatic and revolver, supplied by the club for observance of safety and score to meet qualification.

Mystic Valley Gun Club is 100% NRA. Bring a copy of NRA membership or sign up during membership orientation. If you are a veteran please bring a copy of your DD-214 or other proof of honorable service.

Click here to download an application.

  1. Minimum age 18 years. You may be required to produce a birth certificate or an active MA driver’s license to verify age.
  2. An active MA license to carry or FID card is required. If you do note have one, an un-opened, clean record check may be accepted. You can get information on obtaining a record check by calling 617-660-4600.
  3. If you are not a US citizen, you must also produce an active Alien Registration Card.
  4. All MVGC members are required to be members of the NRA. Bring a copy of your current NRA membership card or the label from a current issue of your NRA magazine. If you are not an NRA member you can fill out an NRA application from the MVGC membership committee and pay the additional $35.00 for a 1 year membership to the NRA. Membership proof will be required with each years MVGC renewal. It is the responsibility of each member to keep his / her NRA membership current.
  5. An active MVGC member must sponsor all applicants. Contact us for more info on finding a sponsor.
  6. Fees: Initiation fee $200.00. First year’s dues $100.00. NRA membership (if needed) $35.00. Members joining midway through the year will be prorated.
  7. We accept checks, money orders, or major credit cards. Checks should be made payable to MVGC. We do not accept cash.
  8. *Graduates of the MVGC Pistol School will receive a $35 discount on their initiation fee.
  9. *Veterans of the United States Armed Forces who served honorably will receive a $100 discount on their initiation fee.
  10. *New members age 65 and over will receive a discount of $200 on their initiation fee.
  11. Members in good standing that have attained 20 years of continuous membership (no lapses) and are aged 65 or older are not required to pay annual dues. Eligible members must request this benefit. It is not done automatically!
  12. Dues run calendar year to calendar year (January 1st to December 31st.)
  13. Dues bills are typically mailed in early September. Dues payments must be received by November 30th to avoid late fees. Dues received on or after December 1st are subject to a $15.00 late fee. Dues received on or after December 15th are subject to a $30.00 late fee. Dues received after December 31st will not be accepted and the member will need to re-apply as a new member and will be subject to the initiation fee.
  14. Prospective members must satisfactorily complete a safety evaluation including observation of firearms handling and live fire. MVGC will provide the firearms, ammo, and safety equipment to be used during this evaluation.

*Prospective members are eligible for a maximum of one discount of any kind. There is no “stacking” of discounts allowed under any circumstances. The prospective member will be required to produce documentation to prove eligibility for verification by the membership committee.